Friday, August 21, 2009

Slip Covers - Versatile and ever so pretty!!

I am a huge fan of slip covered furniture... I would have to say my slip covered couch is one of my most favorite pieces of furniture - I just wish I had more covers made for it so that I could switch them out come winter. This delicate slipcover was found while browsing over at the paris apartment. Love it!!

Checking out - Sferra Bed Linens

Loving the small ruffle on the bedskirt - reminds me of a dress. Visit Sferra Linens for more of the same.

Black and White Patterns

House Beautiful

Frank Greenwald

Beautiful Bolds. Loving the simplicity of Black and White, it makes the most classic statement.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Creative inspiration by Leena

Polyvore is a great source for inspiration...... of all kinds.

Gorgeous Bedrooms

Classic Upholstered look

My favorite: Haute House Velvet and Lace Head Board

Seems perfect for reading in bed...

Considering how much of our lives we spend in our bedrooms, and how you like to feel when you are there, it just stands to reason it just has to be comfortable, stylish and more than anything exude that certain feeling that makes you want to spend time the whole day there. So do not compromise when it comes to this space... make it yours... These wonderful head boards were found at Horchow....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trina Turk Collections

Island Girl top, Denim Shortie Shorts

Royal Romper - Hawaiian Eye Jacquard

Belize Dress - Curly Tree Sateen

Crawford Dress - in Ivory

" Favorite Skirt" in Silk Dupioni

Once in a while I find a designer that has more than one or two pieces that intrigue me, to the point where I have a indescribable desire to spend and acquire.... well "hello"..... I've just found one, her name is Trina Turk.... now, if I had an endless supply of green and a somewhat larger wardrobe I would be a very happy girl!

Red Ruby Rose

" a silhouette of a seed head" features on this silk lined clutch and little luxury from red ruby rose.

" delicate and striking embroided flowers in taupe and stone featured on warm ivory taffeta"...

Is it possible to own more handbags, and purses then ones own mother? My Mum was dubbed the queen of handbags by family and friends... and while I giggled along with them at her obvious obsession with bags... I now strangely enough find myself with the same affliction.... how can I stop? Honestly do I really want too.... Just look at these divine creations from Red Ruby Rose and tell me it is time to stop collecting...